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A new way to organize a community's access to the internet.  



An market based solution created and maintained by the community.

Really, really fast

Gigabit speed internet to customers and businesses that need it most.

Private by design

Users are anonymous and their data and history are protected. 


How it works:


You use the internet you pay for and sell the rest to your neighbors.

Communities can create new connections and grow the network on their own.  


....No permission required.



Internet you buy from your neighbors is cheaper than internet from a traditional service provider. The software on each person’s router automatically optimizes for the fastest link at the best price

Really, really fast

red_ provides gigabit internet speeds to customers and businesses who are stuck with slow internet. red_ gives more of Medellin the internet infrastructure necessary to bring in top tech companies.


Potential income

When people connect to your router, they pay you for the connection.

The more people that connect, the more money you make!


Private by design

red_ keeps users anonymous and protects their data. No one on the network can see your browsing history, or what content you are accessing.


Keeps money in the community

When you pay for internet on red_, money goes to your neighbors instead of a large corporation. This stimulates local economies with extra cash.