Summer Front-End Developer


In a nutshell:

red_ is spending the summer running a series of design sprints on the ground in Medellin to make a damn good user experience and test the next iteration of our pilot system. To support this work we are gathering a team of designers and developers to be able to rapidly turn field research into real world products.

The position can be remote or on the ground in Medellin.


Why is this role important for red_’s work?

This summer is huge leap for us. We’ll be going from two founders and a couple part time advisors to a 4-6 people full time people in Medellin & Santiago plus this position and the other summer people. Beyond just the growth in people we will likely be in startup Chile’s accelerator program with the potential of being in Techstars Impact all the while building our next iteration of pilot infrastructure.

May-August of this year will be a massive period of growth for us and you we be a critical part of making that happen.


Once here you will:

  • Work with people that come from diverse backgrounds (product designers, business designers, and engineers)

  • Create webapp for cutting network authentication system.

  • Learn how design thinking can be super useful in the real world and be a part of real world design sprints on critical and exciting problems.

  • Work on one of the first functional deployments of crypto currency in the developing world.

  • Be a foundational part of a company that could changes the lives of hundreds of millions of people in under 5 years.


Relevant experience and mindset:

  • You have a strong understanding of computer science fundamentals

  • You’ve worked on building web and mobile projects before outside the classroom setting

  • Have experience working in React

  • You have the ability to think of technical work as from the perspective of the end user

  • You have a base level understanding of design thinking not required but strongly preferred

  • You have worked on a team with non-technical members before

  • You’re down to be adventurous and learn along the way



We do this on a case by case basis as there are a lot of variables. We’re a startup so bear in mind this isn’t a Google or Deloitte we do have a limited budget but we want to take care of our people.



We intentionally don’t have a super formal process. If you think you’re a good fit shoot us an email at . Please include a resume, some cool stuff you’ve worked on in the past, and why you’d be a good fit.

Be creative, and don’t overthink it. We eager to meet you!