Closing the gap is critical


Connectivity creates: 

economic mobility

access to education

social inclusion

investment opportunities



Don’t just take our word for it:

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The value that governments, the development community, tech companies, network operators, service providers, and, most importantly, low-income consumers themselves gain from sustainable Internet connectivity cannot be ignored.

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Right now, billions of people across the globe still do not have Internet access. 

Connectivity is critical, If you are not online, you are left out.

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In 2016, only an estimated 3.2 billion people — 44 percent of the world’s population — are online and connected to the digital economy. The Internet’s truly revolutionary potential will be unleashed only when the remaining 56 percent are also connected.


The current plan

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We rely on ISPs to deliver internet and expand service


Often there are only a few (or just one) ISP operating in a given area

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Why are there monopolies?


High cost of laying cables and connecting customers

Regulatory hurdles 

Networking technology is complicated

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Consumers get 

the consequences

 • slow internet

 • expensive service

 • areas left underserved  


The solution

A simple, out of the box product that democratizes access

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A decentralized internet service network powered by blockchain, deployed and managed by communities

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1 router = 1 ISP

Flash Althea firmware to your router and you are ready to sell connection to others

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Easy and Intuitive

Designed to be accessible for anyone--no specialists necessary