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A decentralized internet service network powered by blockchain, deployed and managed by  communities.

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A market based solution created and maintained by the community.

Really, really fast

Gigabit speed internet to customers and businesses that need it most.

Private by design

Users are anonymous and their data and history are protected. 

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The new internet value chain.

System Diagram Created with Sketch. Trust baked in The speed of payment service from other nodes that they don’t necessarily know or trust. Blockchain payments The system uses a modified version of the Babel routing protocol that allows for payments on the blockchain. Low overhead The blockchain lowers transaction cost and bandwidth requirement enabling the nodes can pay each-other almost instantly Pay for forward The systems work by having nodes pay their neighbors to forward traffic. To work well the payments need to be made frequently and with little or no overhead.


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A network topology for the future


topology agnostic

Our network works across various configurations:

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The everybody ISP 


Our aim

Unleash massive productivity gains of decentralized system development. 

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New opportunities available for those who want to manage system elements.

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Deployment time radically cut by mobilizing the masses. 

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Leverage existing community relations for questions and recommendations. 

red_econ Created with Sketch. Incentive to grow Users make money by forwarding traffic and are incentivized to expand coverage to their neighbors. Money stays local The cost of your internet service goes to your neighbors, not to a large ISP headquartered far away. Active marketplace Users router automatically optimizes for the best price and speeed. This keeps everyone competitive and service ever improving.