Comuna Gateway

(Escuela Refugio Del Niño)

The School Gateway.jpg

Gateway Station

The school is located in a great position atop a ridge overlooking the comuna. Our backhaul connects to the school via point to point radio link, and will then be distributed to the community via sector antennas.

For our pilot, houses with a direct view of the school connect via radio link. These hub housed connect via ethernet cable to their neighbors further distributing service

Houses connecting over cable can also connect others over cable. 


View from school towards base station

View from school towards base station

Approximate view from school to target area


View from Gateway

This is the approximate view from where the sector antenna is placed above the school. 

Houses shown here can connect directly via radio. 


Gateway roof

Flyover of the school's roof and a sense of the surrounding area. 


From below

This shot begins at the Son Batá recording studio, our base of operations within the community. 

Houses on this side without  line of sight can still connect to the network via cable. 


The End Users




10 wireless, 30 wired

10 houses will connect via radio to the sector antenna atop the school. From these 10 nodes, 2 to 5 households will be connected via ethernet. 


The homes

A view of the target mountain side where the pilot will be depoloyed